Cappuccino Scrub
Cappuccino Scrub
Cappuccino Scrub

Cappuccino Scrub

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Benefits: Don't you like the rich aroma of appuccino? You can't resist the temptation to have a cup of coffee without trying it. The sensation of an amazing, smooth and fragrant body will become as real with him as the appetizing aroma of cappuccino. A necessary and indispensable product for all skin types. What does scratching, massaging give us? - At this time blood circulation improves. Most importantly, by scrubbing the body, we remove dead cells and thus give smoothness, density and uniformity. In addition, we nourish and moisturize with the world's unique vegetable oils, which this scrub combines. If you want to break down excess fat, something better than the powerful granules of a cappuccino scrub needs a good massage, and inevitably, your smooth and even body is ready. Before tanning, don't forget that the most important thing is to get rid of dead cells in order to get a uniform tan and to keep this effect for a long time.

Ingredients: Sea Salt .avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Butter, Essential Oils.

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