Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

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Key Benefits: The first historical product with which our comp any entered the market is Cocoa N1 bestseller butter. Because it is an essential multifunctional product for all four seasons of the year: Saturated with vitamins D, A, E; Ideal for moisturizing the body; To nourish dry and fragile hair; To prevent stretch marks and whiten existing ones; Ideal for getting a chocolate tan and keeping the tan obtained; Protects tanned skin from flaking and drying; The tan that you get gives an amazing radiance and attractiveness to you. Ingredients: cocoa butter, aroma How to apply: To moisturize the skin: 100% natural cocoa is a very solid mass which is why we moisturize the skin all year round in the form of bricks and hearts. So , it is much easier to distribute it on the skin , if you get a whole solid mass of cocoa, place it at a temperature higher than 40 degrees (melt it on steam) and after melting, apply it to the desired area.

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