Colorful Soap
Colorful Soap
Colorful Soap

Colorful Soap

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  K e y B e n e fi t s : T h e t r o pic al s c e n t o f B r a silian o r a n g e a n d le m o n g r a s s giv e s y o u r s kin unforgettable pleasure, cleans your skin deeply. Makes is smooth, clear and fluffy. Ideally cleans it from environmental pollution; For all types of skin.

Ingredients: aqua, shea butter, cocoa butte r, c o c o n u t b u t t e r , a v o c a d o oil, t r o pic al s c e n t of fragrances, avocado oil, mica, Sodium Hydroxide.

How to apply: Lather up daily in the bath or shower and use in circular motions over the face/ body. Rinse thoroughly after use. Avoid the eye contour a r e a. In c a s e o f c o n t a c t wit h e y e s rin se immediately. You an control frequency of use according to your skin desire, ideal as a first step of a day or night routine.

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