Tea Tree Oil Serum
Tea Tree Oil Serum
Tea Tree Oil Serum

Tea Tree Oil Serum

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Key Benefits:Tea tree oil has a variety of amazing properties. Its uniqueness lies in the facf that it is the best antibacteria,l antiseptic and soothing product. After all, tea tree essential oil is known as an ideal product for fighting acne and helps to restore the skin ancfmake it healthier. With the balance of oiliness and the ideal cleansing of the skin, it helps to avoid dirt and make-up residues, closed pores, which is one of the reasons for the deep problem of acne. Organic and effective and well-adopted wealth gifted by nature, it is the main ingredient of our facial serum. Keep the sootning effect of the tea tree on your skin and always glorify your mood.
Ingredients: tea tree essential oil, jojoba oir; argan oil, almond oil.
How to apply: Used in a day and night routine, after cleansing and toning fhe face, apply a small amount on aclean skin and spread evenly.

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